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CORDis Electronic Health Record (CORDis EHR)
CORDis is a computer database system for the health industry which was written in FileMaker Pro. CORDis EHR was developed by our director Peter Kakris (project manager) and Chris Papas (senior database developer). Peter and Chris are developing CORDis EHR to improve the efficiency and accuracy of patient record keeping in hospitals.

Hospitals are assisted by the implementation of CORDis EHR in the following ways:

  • Easily create and transmit Discharge Summaries to community based health care professionals
  • Easily record medications administered during the patient's hospital stay
  • Easily prescribe medications in PBS compliant format for patients on discharge
  • Provides instant on-line access to patient clinical care during current and previous admissions
  • Allows revenue to be claimed more promptly from the Government
  • Allows fast and accurate analysis of patient statistics
  • Saves duplication of data entry: no more copying from one system to another for different departments.
  • Improves quality of patient care
  • Data provided to GPs is legible resulting in improved care for patients once discharged and in the care of their GP

The Project was commissioned by Barwon Health, Geelong Hospital, and is currently under evaluation by other hospitals for installation.
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